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The beautiful blind psychic Carly St. Johns is on a quest to track down the dangerous career criminal Randy Meyers with the help of her police department liaison Lieutenant Razzinksy. When fate traps Randy and Carly in the same hotel room, they must match wits in a psychological game of cat and mouse to see which one of them will get out alive.


DIrected By: Mark Cabaroy
Cinematography By: Clayton Combe

With: Maria Rusolo, Chris Cardona, Chris LaPanta, SWATZ



USA Film Festival, Finalist National Short Film & Video Competition

Best Short Drama - Rincon International Film Festival
Best Actress - Rincon International Film Festival

Audience Choice Short - Rincon International Film Festival

Best Director  - New York Filmmakers Festival

Best Screenplay  - New York Filmmakers Festival

Best Actress - New York Filmmakers Festival

Twin Rivers Media Festival, Second Place Experimental Short

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